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Dental Implants Are Almost Always Better

A smiling man with a dental implant on a front tooth.

Teeth play a vital role in our daily lives. They are not just for showing off a dazzling smile; they are crucial for speaking, chewing, and even giving shape to your face. When a tooth is lost, it not just affects your appearance, it can cause other teeth to shift, change your bite, and even impact your overall oral health. So, replacing missing teeth isn’t just a cosmetic concern—it’s crucial for maintaining a healthy mouth.

There are many ways to replace a missing tooth, like dentures and bridges. But one option stands out above the rest: dental implants. Dental implants have become the gold standard in tooth replacement because they offer benefits that other options can’t match. They look, feel, and function just like natural teeth, and with proper care, they can last a lifetime.

Now, if you’re in Glendale, AZ, and are considering dental implants, there’s one place that stands out: Smile Science Dental Spa. This dental practice is led by Dr. Richard Dawson and Dr. John Turke. These expert dentists have years of experience and have helped countless patients restore their smiles with dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

An implant crown being seated onto a dental implant abutment on a front central incisor.

So, what exactly are dental implants? In simple terms, a dental implant is an artificial tooth root that’s placed into your jawbone. It’s usually made of titanium, a material that’s strong, light, and biocompatible, which means your body won’t reject it.

The implant has three parts: the implant itself that goes into your bone, an abutment that attaches to the implant, and a crown that mimics the visible part of your tooth. After the implant is placed, it bonds with your bone in a process called osseointegration. Once this process is complete, the abutment is attached, and then the crown is placed on top. The result? A sturdy, stable, and lifelike replacement for your missing tooth.

Implants Vs. Everything Else

Now, how do dental implants compare to other tooth replacement options like dentures or bridges? Well, dentures are removable devices that replace some or all of your teeth. While they’ve improved over the years, they can still slip or cause discomfort. Bridges, on the other hand, are anchored to your existing teeth. But to place a bridge, the neighboring teeth need to be filed down, which can weaken them.

In contrast, dental implants don’t require altering your other teeth, and they stay in place without the risk of slipping. Plus, because they replace the tooth root and not just the crown, they help maintain your jawbone health, which isn’t possible with dentures or bridges.

One of the best things about dental implants is that they can be customized to meet your needs. Whether you’re missing one tooth, several teeth, or all your teeth, dental implants offer a solution. Your dentist can create a personalized treatment plan that takes into account the condition of your jawbone, your overall oral health, and your aesthetic goals. In short, dental implants offer a versatile and effective solution to missing teeth.

Why Dental Implants Are Often Better

Dental Implant and Extracted Tooth - Glendale, AZ - Smile Science

Dental implants are widely recognized as the best solution for missing teeth, mainly because of their durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. They are designed to last; with proper care, dental implants can serve you for a lifetime. Unlike dentures that can slip or cause discomfort, dental implants are stable and secure, providing a level of comfort that is very similar to natural teeth.

Aesthetically, dental implants are the clear winners. They look and feel like your natural teeth. With dental implants, you can smile confidently, knowing that no one will be able to tell you have a replacement tooth.

Compared to other tooth replacement options such as dentures and bridges, dental implants offer more benefits and fewer downsides. Dentures, for example, can slip or cause discomfort, and bridges require altering your natural teeth. But dental implants don’t require any modifications to your existing teeth, and they remain secure without slipping.

However, some misconceptions might make people hesitant about dental implants. One is that the procedure is painful. While there’s some discomfort associated with any dental procedure, most patients report that getting a dental implant is no more painful than a tooth extraction, thanks to the use of anesthesia. Another misconception is that dental implants aren’t suitable for everyone. While certain conditions like inadequate bone density or certain systemic diseases may affect implant success, many of these issues can be managed, and most people are good candidates for implants.

The Dental Implant Process at Smile Science Dental Spa

Fixed Implant Overdenture - Smile Science - Glendale, AZ

At Smile Science Dental Spa in Glendale, AZ, the process of getting a dental implant is carried out with precision and care. Dr. Dawson and Dr. Turke are experts in the field and guide patients through each step of the process.

The first step in the dental implant process is an initial consultation. This allows Dr. Dawson or Dr. Turke to assess your oral health, take necessary scans, and develop a personalized treatment plan. Next, during the implant placement procedure, the titanium implant is carefully placed into the jawbone.

After the implant is placed, a healing period follows. This allows for osseointegration, where the implant fuses with your jawbone, forming a strong and stable foundation for your replacement tooth. This process may take a few months but is crucial for the success of the implant.

Once healing is complete, you will return to Smile Science Dental Spa to have the abutment and replacement crown attached to the implant. These components are custom-made to match your natural teeth and fit perfectly in your mouth.

Throughout this process, patients can expect several visits to the Smile Science Dental Spa in Glendale, AZ. Each visit will bring you closer to the goal of a restored, beautiful smile. Dr. Dawson and Dr. Turke are there every step of the way, ensuring a smooth, comfortable, and successful dental implant process.

Cost and Insurance Considerations for Dental Implants

While dental implants are a superior tooth replacement option, one important factor to consider is cost. Dental implant treatments can be more expensive upfront than other tooth replacement options like dentures or bridges. This is because the process involves highly skilled professionals, high-quality materials, and several procedures over a span of months.

The total cost of dental implant treatment can vary significantly based on several factors, including the number of implants required, any additional procedures like bone grafts, and the specific circumstances of the patient. However, it’s essential to remember that, given their longevity and benefits, dental implants often prove to be a cost-effective solution in the long run.

When it comes to insurance coverage, dental insurance plans differ widely in their coverage. Some plans may cover a part of the cost, while others may not. It’s recommended to check with your insurance provider to understand your coverage better.

At Smile Science Dental Spa, we understand that financial considerations are significant when deciding on dental implants. To ensure that our patients can access the best dental care, we offer various payment plans and financing options. Our staff is more than willing to assist you in understanding your options and finding a plan that suits your budget.

The Lifespan of Dental Implants

One of the main reasons why dental implants are often the best choice for replacing missing teeth is their impressive lifespan. Unlike dentures or bridges, which typically need to be replaced every 5-10 years, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. They are made from titanium, a highly durable material that is compatible with the body, reducing the risk of rejection or failure.

Of course, the lifespan of a dental implant can depend on several factors, including the patient’s overall health, oral hygiene habits, and the location of the implant in the mouth. For instance, implants that replace molars may face more wear and tear from chewing, which might reduce their longevity.

To ensure your dental implants last as long as possible, proper care and maintenance are crucial. This includes regular brushing and flossing, just like you would care for your natural teeth, as well as regular dental check-ups and cleanings. Avoiding harmful habits, such as smoking or chewing on hard items, can also protect your implants and extend their lifespan.

Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

While dental implants offer many benefits, they’re not suitable for everyone. Several factors can determine whether a patient is a good candidate for dental implants. These include the patient’s age, bone density, and overall health.

Firstly, age is an important factor. While there’s no upper age limit for dental implants, they’re usually not recommended for children or teenagers whose jawbones are still growing.

Next, adequate bone density in the jaw is necessary to support the implant. If a patient has experienced significant bone loss due to tooth loss or periodontal disease, they might require a bone graft before getting a dental implant.

General health also plays a key role. Conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes or cancer can affect the body’s ability to heal, which might compromise the success of the implant procedure. Similarly, lifestyle factors, such as smoking, can also impact the procedure’s success.

If you’re unsure whether dental implants are right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to the expert team at Smile Science Dental Spa. Dr. Dawson and Dr. Turke can address all your questions and concerns and help you make an informed decision about your dental health. Remember, everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile, and there’s almost always a way to achieve it.

The Impact of Dental Implants on Daily Life

A young woman with an orange ribbon in her hair is biting into an apple and smiling joyfully.

The impact of dental implants extends beyond just restoring your smile; they have significant effects on your daily life. One of the key benefits of dental implants is improved chewing. Since they function like natural teeth, they allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without discomfort or worry. This is a stark contrast to dentures, which can sometimes shift or slide while eating.

Dental implants also improve your speech. Missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures can make it hard to pronounce certain words or sounds. With dental implants, you can speak clearly and confidently, without worrying about potential slips or speech distortions.

Beyond practical functions, dental implants can greatly enhance your self-confidence. Missing teeth can often lead to feelings of self-consciousness or embarrassment. Dental implants restore not just your teeth, but your confidence to smile, speak, and laugh without hesitation. The resulting boost in self-esteem can improve your overall quality of life.

Next Steps: Consultation and Treatment Planning

A male dentist shows an elderly male patient a photo of his teeth

Ready to explore the world of dental implants? The first step is a consultation at Smile Science Dental Spa. During this visit, Dr. Dawson or Dr. Turke will examine your oral health, discuss your goals and expectations, and determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

The consultation is also when your treatment plan is developed. This includes the number of implants you need, whether you require any additional procedures like bone grafts, and a timeline for the treatment process. The goal is to ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with the plan before moving forward.

After the consultation, we will schedule your implant procedure. The scheduling process is flexible, taking into consideration your comfort and convenience. We strive to make the entire process, from consultation to final restoration, as smooth and easy as possible for our patients.

Embarking on the dental implant process can feel like a big step, but rest assured that the team at Smile Science Dental Spa, in Glendale, AZ, is committed to guiding you every step of the way towards a healthier, brighter smile.

Patient Testimonials

Hearing from patients who have undergone dental implant treatment at Smile Science Dental Spa can give you a good idea of what to expect. Here are a couple of experiences shared by our patients:

I had 15 extractions, 8 titanium implants installed, and lot of work done to my mouth on June 29th. These amazing people at smile science made this process sooo much easier. The level of comfort and empathy they gave me is absolutely UNMATCHED. My new teeth are in at this time and because they got everything PERFECT with my bite and everything, my life has changed. I can smile with confidence and I can laugh without hiding my teeth. Most importantly, I am eating again. I gained 2 pounds back so far.

Jaime H.

Getting a dental implant was the best decision I ever made. I can eat, talk, and smile without any discomfort or embarrassment. The process was smooth, and the team at Smile Science Dental Spa was supportive and caring, Dr. Dawson was amazing. I can’t say enough thank yous for everything you have done for me!

Sarah. B

These testimonials highlight the transformative impact of dental implants on patients’ lives. They underscore the exceptional care and expertise that Dr. Dawson, Dr. Turke, and the entire team at Smile Science Dental Spa bring to every patient’s dental implant journey.


In this article, we’ve looked at why dental implants are often the superior choice for replacing missing teeth. They offer unmatched durability, function like natural teeth, and can dramatically improve your quality of life. Although they require a larger upfront investment, their long lifespan makes them a cost-effective solution in the long run.

At Smile Science Dental Spa in Glendale, AZ, we have the experience and expertise to guide you through the dental implant process. Dr. Dawson and Dr. Turke are skilled professionals who put patient comfort and satisfaction at the forefront of their practice. They ensure each patient is well-informed and comfortable with their treatment plan, providing comprehensive care from the initial consultation through the entire treatment process.

If you’re considering dental implants, we invite you to schedule a consultation at Smile Science Dental Spa. We’re here to answer all your questions and help you make the best decision for your oral health. Our goal is to help you achieve the confident, beautiful smile that you deserve. So, don’t wait—take the first step towards a healthier smile today.

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