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Dr. Aaron Roberts

Dentist Anesthesiologist

Dr. Aaron Roberts, DMD | Dental Anesthesiologist | Smile Science Dental Spa
Dr. Aaron Roberts

Meet Dr. Aaron Roberts, your go-to dental anesthesiologist in Glendale, AZ. Originally from Irvine, California, Dr. Roberts has seamlessly blended his West Coast roots with his dedication to dental excellence. After completing his undergraduate studies at BYU, he advanced his dental education at Midwestern University in Glendale. His passion for dental anesthesia was ignited during a pivotal year at the VA Hospital in Loma Linda, CA, leading him to specialize through a rigorous program at Loma Linda University.

Since 2016, Dr. Roberts has been at the forefront of dental anesthesia, ensuring patients receive care that is both comfortable and cutting-edge. Outside the office, he’s a devoted father to three children, an enthusiast for paddle boarding on local lakes or rivers, and a friend to his two dogs. Dr. Roberts is eager to welcome you into our dental family, offering a stress-free and comprehensive dental experience. Ready to get started? Drop by or contact us—Dr. Roberts is looking forward to ensuring your visit is as comfortable as possible.

Deep Sedation

Deep sedation, a level of sedation where the patient is on the edge of consciousness but can still be awakened, is a cornerstone of my practice, especially for complex dental procedures like root canals. Administered intravenously or through inhalation, this method ensures patients remain comfortable and relaxed throughout their treatment. It allows for most treatments, including teeth extractions and dental implants. This approach not only streamlines the process but also significantly reduces patient discomfort and anxiety. 

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia represents the deepest level of sedation, rendering the patient completely unconscious and free from pain during dental surgeries, such as the placement of dental implants. This method is administered through a combination of inhaled gases and intravenous medications, ensuring the patient experiences no awareness or discomfort throughout the procedure. My extensive experience with general anesthesia allows me to provide patients with a safe, anxiety-free environment, particularly beneficial for those undergoing more invasive treatments like dental implant placement.

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