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Dr. Christopher Barrett

Oral Implantologist

Dr. Christopher Barrett
Dr. Christopher Barrett

Meet Dr. Christopher Barrett, a key member of the Smile Science Dentures & Implants team, renowned for his expertise in dental implantology. With a passion for revolutionizing patient care through advanced dental solutions, Dr. Barrett is celebrated for his commitment to excellence in transforming smiles and lives.

Dr. Barrett’s journey in dental implantology is marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge in dental implants and full-arch restorations. His experience in placing thousands of implants and completing numerous full-arch cases has made a profound difference in many lives, providing exceptional solutions to those with complex dental needs. Notably, as the sole provider of zygomatic implants at our clinic, he brings hope to patients who might otherwise be turned away due to lack of bone density for traditional implants.

His dedication extends beyond patient care; Dr. Barrett is also committed to the education and development of the dental community, having served as clinical faculty at Implant Pathway, where he shares his vast knowledge and passion for dental excellence with the next generation of dentists.

Outside of work, Dr. Barrett is an avid outdoor enthusiast, finding joy in backpacking, mountaineering, and the precision of golf, which reflects the meticulous nature of his work. His commitment to global dental education has led him to teach implant courses worldwide, further expanding his impact in the field. Family lies at the heart of Dr. Barrett’s world. Alongside his wife, Nikki, and daughter, Ava, they cherish traveling and exploring new cultures, strengthening their bond through shared adventures. Dr. Barrett’s holistic approach to care makes him a beacon of hope at Smile Science Dentures & Implants, where his skills, vision, and compassion ensure every patient steps closer to their dream smile with confidence and support.


Dr. Barrett is a leading authority in All-on-4 dental implants, with hundreds of successful cases to his credit and a key role in developing innovative implant technologies. His vast experience, highlighted by the thousands of dental implants he has placed, is complemented by his dedication to educating the next generation of dentists through multiple implant courses throughout the world. This blend of practical expertise and educational leadership ensures patients receive care that is both cutting-edge and deeply trusted.

Sinus Augmentation

With a rich background in dental implantology, Dr. Barrett excels in sinus augmentation, ensuring patients with limited upper jaw bone height can achieve optimal implant results. His contribution to dental implant design, coupled with his experience placing thousands of implants, sets a high standard of care. As an instructor of various implant courses, he brings the latest techniques and knowledge to his practice, making him an unparalleled choice for sinus augmentation.

Zygomatic Implants

Dr. Barrett is a foremost expert in zygomatic implants, having contributed to the design of an innovative implant line and serving as the clinic’s exclusive provider of this advanced solution. His extensive hands-on experience is enhanced by his role as an educator, teaching multiple courses on implants, including zygomatic options. This unique combination of clinical excellence and educational leadership ensures patients facing significant dental challenges receive the most advanced and compassionate care available.

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