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Tips and Tricks for a Better Invisalign Experience

The Invisalign care package helps improve your Invisalign experience

Let’s be honest; who wouldn’t want a treatment that’s less noticeable than the shining metal braces we’re used to seeing? This is where the Invisalign experience stands out. The aligners are crafted from a clear material, so they’re not easily spotted. You can chat, laugh, and go about your day without the typical “brace face” tag.

Now, let’s talk about some other cool benefits. Imagine having spaghetti for dinner. With metal braces, you’d be worrying about food bits getting stuck. But with Invisalign, you just pop the aligners out, eat, clean your teeth, and place them back in. It’s that simple! This feature not only means you can enjoy all your favorite foods but also that you can maintain top-notch dental hygiene. No more navigating around wires or brackets when brushing or flossing.

Moreover, the Invisalign experience is tailored to your oral health needs. Each set of aligners is custom-made, ensuring a snug fit and efficient teeth movement. So, it’s not just about looks; it’s about smart, personalized dental care.

Stay Committed to Your Aligner Schedule

Invisalign trays and dental instruments with a calendar background

Getting the smile of your dreams isn’t magic; it requires a little bit of dedication on your part. Think of the Invisalign aligners as your gym buddy for your teeth. To see those results, you’ve got to show up consistently. This means wearing your aligners for the majority of the day, about 20-22 hours. It might sound like a lot, but it’s quite manageable once you get into the routine.

But why is sticking to this schedule so essential for your Invisalign experience? Well, your teeth need consistent pressure to move into their new positions. By wearing the aligners as advised, you’re ensuring that pressure is applied just right. This commitment leads to optimal teeth movement and a quicker journey to your ideal smile.

Of course, there will be times when you’ll need to remove your aligners, like when eating or brushing. But the key is to pop them back in once you’re done. With this commitment, you’re not only speeding up your treatment duration but also guaranteeing those dazzling results.

Prioritize Dental Hygiene

A young woman smiling while flossing her teeth
Flossing is important especially when using Invisalign

Dental hygiene might seem like a no-brainer, but when you’re on the Invisalign journey, it gains extra importance. Let’s think about it for a moment. Your aligners are like snug covers for your teeth, so imagine if you trapped any leftover food or plaque under them. Yikes, right? This could lead to cavities or gum problems.

To keep everything spick and span, brush your teeth in the morning and before bed. This routine gets rid of any food particles and keeps your breath fresh. But don’t forget the spaces between your teeth! Flossing daily is a game-changer and ensures no sneaky bits are hiding between your pearly whites.

Now, what about the aligners? You’ll want them crystal clear and free from any grime. A gentle cleaning with lukewarm water and a soft toothbrush should do the trick. Remember, hot water is a no-no as it can change the shape of your aligners, and we don’t want that. Keeping everything clean not only ensures a healthier mouth but also makes your Invisalign experience more pleasant.

Proper Aligner Care is Crucial

Invisalign trays may be cleaned with denture or retainer cleaners

Imagine you’ve got a pair of stylish new sunglasses. Would you toss them around or leave them out in the sun? Probably not. Your Invisalign aligners deserve the same care and attention. They play a pivotal role in your teeth-straightening journey, so looking after them ensures they do their job right.

First things first: when you’re not wearing them during meals, pop them into the protective case they came with. It keeps them safe, clean, and away from any potential harm. I can’t tell you how many of my patients have folded their aligners up into a napkin at a restaurant, only to forget until they got home. Unfortunately, this can be a very costly mistake, and it could negatively affect your treatment.

To keep each tray looking (and smelling) great, we recommend using denture tablets. It doesn’t matter which brand, but if you are concerned about Persulfates, you can always opt for an option that avoids toxic ingredients. Over time, denture tablets can adversely affect the plastic Invisalign trays, but over 1-2 weeks it isn’t likely to be a problem. If you (or your orthodontist) are concerned, you can also opt to use a product called Retainer Brite. (Note: we are not paid or incentivized to recommend these products)

Invisalign typically ships their trays with packets of cleaning crystals. These are especially good for really tough buildup. I usually recommend that patients hold onto these cleaning crystals for their retainers. You will be swapping out Invisalign trays every 1-2 weeks, but retainers must last for years. They will eventually discolor and stain, so I recommend keeping the cleaning crystals around for that. The cleaning kits sold by Invisalign cost $75, with refills costing around $50, so it’s better to make the first ones last.

Some other methods to clean your trays include hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, mouthwash, and vinegar. You can also use a toothbrush and toothpaste, but a word of caution, the bristles and dentifrice together may scratch the tray and make it easier to stain.

Be mindful of where you store that case. Sunlight and heat can warp the shape of your aligners, making them less effective. So, avoid places like your car’s dashboard on a sunny day. A spot in your bag or on your bedside table works great.

With these habits, your aligners will stay in top shape, ensuring they guide your teeth smoothly towards that picture-perfect smile.

Pro Comfort Tips

Starting with Invisalign can feel like breaking in a new pair of shoes. The first few steps might feel unfamiliar, but with time, they become a part of you. Similarly, the initial sensation of a new aligner might be a tad bit strange, but your mouth will soon adapt.

Now, we get it, everyone’s mouth is different. If you ever feel a slight poke or rough edge, don’t hesitate to use orthodontic wax. It’s like a cushion for your mouth, ensuring you’re comfortable throughout the day. Just roll a small piece of wax between your fingers and place it on the bothersome spot of the aligner. If you are good with a nail file, you may be able to smooth the edge down to improve its comfort.

The first set of trays tends to be the most painful as this is when the teeth first become activated to move. To reduce your pain symptoms, we recommend OTC Tylenol. There is some evidence that NSAIDs (Motrin, Aleve, etc.) may slow down teeth movement and delay your orthodontic treatment.

Monitor Teeth Movement Regularly

Imagine building a puzzle. You’d want to ensure that each piece fits perfectly, right? Your teeth, during the Invisalign experience, are somewhat like that puzzle. Monitoring their movement and making sure everything is aligning correctly is key.

While you’ll naturally notice changes as your teeth shift closer to their ideal positions, it’s also essential to have an expert eye on them. This is where your regular dental check-ups come into play. These visits are not just about saying hi to your favorite dentist but ensuring your teeth are moving as they should.

To ensure each tooth moves (or tracks) properly with the aligner, we recommend using a product called Chewies. Or, you can purchase the official Invisalign version from their site, but be warned, they cost quite a bit more.

Your dentist may be able to digitally track the movement of your teeth using a special machine called an intraoral scanner. Dentists with an iTero system can typically scan your teeth using a special camera and compare the actual movements to the original simulation.

If something seems off or if a particular aligner isn’t fitting just right, your dentist can make necessary adjustments. These tweaks ensure your teeth continue on the right track, heading straight (pun intended) to that gorgeous smile you’re aiming for. So, keep up with your appointments, stay observant, and collaborate with your dentist throughout the journey. It’s teamwork that ensures success!

Mind Your Diet and Eating Habits

One of the great perks of the Invisalign experience is the freedom to enjoy your meals without any metal or wires in the way. You can pop out your aligners, dig into your favorite dishes, and savor every bite. But, just like with every freedom, there comes a tad bit of responsibility.

While you don’t have to forgo your favorite foods, there are a few things to keep in mind. Some foods and drinks are notorious for leaving their mark – literally. Consumables like coffee, red wine, or curry can stain your aligners, making them less inconspicuous. On the other hand, really hard or sticky candies can possibly damage them.

Here’s a simple mantra: whenever you’re about to eat or drink something that isn’t plain water, out go the aligners! After you’re done, a quick brush and rinse, pop them back in, and you’re good to go. A little caution can ensure that your aligners remain clear and effective throughout your treatment.

Stay Active in Your Treatment Plan

Think of your Invisalign journey as a dance where you and your dentist are partners, moving in sync towards the ultimate goal – a perfect smile. Your dentist brings expertise to the table, but your feedback, concerns, and updates are equally crucial.

Staying actively involved means communicating openly. If something feels off, speak up. If you notice an exciting change, share it! These little bits of feedback help your dentist tailor your treatment even more closely to your needs.

Regular check-ins are also essential. They’re like pit stops in a race, ensuring everything is running smoothly. During these visits, your dentist might make slight adjustments, recommend a different wear schedule for a particular aligner, or even praise your commitment!

Being proactive and engaged ensures your treatment is not just effective but also personalized to your unique dental landscape. So, be in the driver’s seat, collaborate with your dental expert, and together, pave the way for that radiant grin you’ve always dreamt of.


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