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OraCare Health Rinse: Advanced Oral Care Solution



OraCare solution leverages the science of activated chlorine dioxide and xylitol to improve your oral health. This revolutionary product is designed for a multitude of applications, from daily oral care to specific needs like dry mouth, fungal infections, and periodontal disease. OraCare’s key to success? The combined action of activated chlorine dioxide and xylitol, making it your best ally against bad breath, dry mouth, and more.

Innovative Dual-Bottle System for Peak Efficacy

Why two bottles? It’s the best way of delivering pure, activated chlorine dioxide—a powerful gas that effectively cares for your entire mouth. OraCare’s dual-bottle system keeps the components separate until the moment of use, ensuring the freshness and potency of our award-winning formula.

Simple Steps for Daily Use

Achieving optimal oral health with OraCare is easy:

  1. Dispense equal amounts (4 pumps) from both Part 1 and Part 2 bottles into the provided cup.
  2. Wait 30 seconds for the solution to activate.
  3. Swish the mixture in your mouth for another 30 seconds, then spit.
  4. For best results, repeat the process twice daily.

Recommended for Various Oral Health Needs

OraCare is highly recommended for addressing issues like bleeding gums, bad breath, periodontal disease, and dry mouth. Endorsed by dental professionals including our very own Dr. Richard Dawson, and Dr. John Turke. It is a versatile solution for your oral health regimen. Wondering if OraCare is right for you? Schedule your appointment with us today to learn more.

Exclusive Online Availability

Smile Science Dental Spa is proud to offer this professional-strength rinse directly through our online store. Unlike other oral health products, OraCare is not available in pharmacies or grocery stores—ensuring you receive an authentic, effective solution for your oral health needs.

32 oz set

OraCare harnesses the power of activated chlorine dioxide and xylitol. Leading uses include everyday care, tissue management, pre-rinsing, dry mouth, fungal infections, cancer care, bad breath, and periodontal disease.


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