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Dental implant and bridge next to model

Losing a tooth isn’t simply about having an empty spot in your mouth. It’s much more than that. This gap can mess with the way you talk and chew your food. Even more, it can cause your other teeth to move around in ways they shouldn’t, which can mess with your bite. That’s why it’s …

Dental Implant or Bridge: Which is Right For You? Read More »

Fixed Implant Denture - Smile Science - Glendale, AZ

Welcome back to the Smile Science blog. Today, we’re tackling a topic that many people find themselves pondering as they consider their dental health and happiness – dentures vs. implants. It’s a decision that can drastically impact your life, from the way you enjoy food to how confidently you show off that beautiful smile. With …

Dentures vs. Implants: Which One is Best for You? Read More »

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