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Crown & Bridge

Dental Bridge on a stone model

Imagine smiling confidently, with a full set of teeth making your grin even more radiant. Dental bridges play a pivotal role in achieving that goal for countless individuals. Serving as a bridge between gaps created by missing teeth, they are more than just a cosmetic fix; they are a functional asset. Before you decide whether […]

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A man points to his fractured central incisor

Welcome to Smile Science Dental Spa‘s guide on dental crowns! If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what dental crowns are and whether you might need one, you’re in the right place. Dental crowns play a vital role in dental care by protecting, restoring, and strengthening teeth that may be damaged or decayed. Under the expert

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An implant crown being seated onto a dental implant abutment on a front central incisor.

Tooth loss can often be a daunting experience. Not only does it have the potential to alter the way you look, but it digs deeper, influencing your emotional and psychological well-being. Imagine restraining a hearty laugh during a delightful conversation or hesitating to be in that group photo all because of a missing tooth. It’s

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