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A woman with TMJ Disorder is shown holding her jaw joints and grimacing in pain

In today’s fast-paced world, many health issues fly under the radar, often until they significantly disrupt our daily lives. One such condition is TMJ Disorders, a growing yet somewhat silent epidemic affecting countless individuals. TMJ Disorders, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, involve pain and dysfunction in the jaw joint and muscles controlling jaw movement. The implications […]

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Unshaven man clenches his teeth and balls his fists in frustration.

Welcome back to Smile Science Dental Spa’s blog! Today, we’re tackling bruxism, or teeth grinding. Millions worldwide grind their teeth, risking damage, pain, and other health issues. Ever wake up with a headache or sore jaw? You might be grinding your teeth while asleep and not even know it. Here at Smile Science Dental Spa,

Breaking Free from Teeth Grinding – A Bruxism Guide Read More »

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