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Immediate Emergency Dental Care in Glendale, AZ

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Dental emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and they often occur when you least expect them. A sudden toothache, a knocked-out tooth, or a broken dental appliance can cause discomfort and stress. That’s why it’s crucial to know where to turn when you need immediate emergency dental care in Glendale, AZ. At Smile Science Dental Spa, we understand the importance of prompt and professional dental care during emergencies. As your trusted local dentists, Richard Dawson, DMD and John Turke, DMD, we’re committed to providing high-quality emergency dental services to our Glendale community.

Immediate Management of Dental Emergencies

With dental emergencies, time is of the essence. If you’ve knocked out a tooth, handle it carefully by the crown, avoid touching the root, and try to place it back in the socket if possible. If not, keep it moist by placing it in milk or a tooth preservation product. Do not place it in water.

For severe toothaches, rinse your mouth with warm water and use dental floss to remove any food debris. Over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen can help temporarily alleviate pain, but avoid placing aspirin directly on the gums as it may cause burns. Additionally, consider using over-the-counter numbing agents like Orajel or clove oil for temporary relief.

If a dental emergency occurs on a weekend or when you’re unable to reach a dentist immediately, temporary filling materials are available at most pharmacies to cover a broken tooth and protect it from further damage and pain. Your next move should be getting to a dentist ASAP.

The faster you get treatment, the better your chances of preventing further damage and complications. However, it’s not just about speed; it’s also about the quality of care you receive. At Smile Science Dental Spa, we pride ourselves on our expertise, experience, and use of advanced dental technology. Whether it’s a severe toothache, a broken crown, or a traumatic dental injury, we’re equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergencies.

Understanding Dental Emergencies

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What exactly constitutes a dental emergency? How do you know if your situation requires immediate attention or if it can wait until your next scheduled appointment? Generally, any dental problem that needs immediate treatment to stop bleeding, alleviate severe pain, or save a tooth is considered an emergency. This can include situations like a lost filling, a cracked or broken tooth, an abscess, or a loose dental implant. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, don’t hesitate to schedule an emergency appointment online, call us at (480) 530-3663 or visit our dental office in Glendale, AZ. Let Smile Science Dental Spa provide the prompt, professional care you need during a dental emergency.

Dental emergencies can strike when you least expect them. They can be painful, frightening, and potentially life-altering if not promptly addressed. As a dentist running a dental practice of my own in Glendale, AZ, I aim to educate my patients about dental emergencies, their causes, symptoms, and the importance of immediate attention.

Dental emergencies can range from a sudden toothache to a knocked-out tooth. It can happen due to an accident, a fall, or biting down on a hard piece of food. Common dental emergencies include severe tooth pain, broken or chipped teeth, abscesses, and lost fillings or crowns.

Tooth pain is often the first sign of a dental emergency. It can be a sharp, throbbing pain that may be accompanied by swelling or sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. If you experience severe tooth pain, it’s crucial to seek immediate dental care to prevent further damage and alleviate the pain.

Broken or chipped teeth are another common dental emergency. They can occur from biting down on something hard or from a fall or accident. If a tooth is broken or chipped, it can expose the sensitive inner layers of the tooth, causing pain and increasing the risk of infection.

Abscesses, which are infections that occur around a tooth’s root or in the space between the teeth and gums, can be extremely painful and dangerous if left untreated. They can cause severe pain, fever, and swelling, and can even spread to other parts of the body.

Lost fillings or crowns can also constitute a dental emergency. If a filling or crown falls out, the exposed tooth is susceptible to damage and decay. It can also be quite painful, especially when eating or drinking.

Recognizing Dental Emergencies

A man points to his fractured central incisor

Recognizing a dental emergency is crucial for anyone who wants to maintain optimal dental health. At Smile Science Dental Spa, we believe that knowledge is power and understanding the signs of a dental emergency can be the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

A dental emergency is a situation that requires immediate attention from a dentist. There are several types of dental emergencies, but some of the most common include severe toothache, broken or chipped tooth, knocked-out tooth, lost dental fillings or crowns, and severe gum infection.

Severe Pain

A severe toothache often signals a dental emergency and should never be ignored. If you’re experiencing intense pain, temporary relief can be found using over-the-counter remedies such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Additionally, topical treatments like clove oil or Orajel can be applied directly to the affected area to help numb the pain. These contain eugenol or benzocaine, respectively, which can provide short-term relief by desensitizing the area. However, it’s imperative to seek dental care immediately if the pain persists, as these symptoms may indicate the presence of an abscess or other infection. Such conditions, if left untreated, could lead to more severe health issues, including the spread of the infection. Contact your dentist right away to address the pain and underlying causes effectively. Early intervention not only relieves pain but also significantly reduces the risk of complications.

Broken / Chipped Tooth

If you’ve broken or chipped a tooth, taking the right steps before you reach the dentist can help minimize discomfort and prevent further damage. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Rinse Your Mouth: Clean your mouth by gently rinsing with warm water to remove any debris and reduce the risk of infection.
  2. Save the Pieces: If you can find any broken pieces of the tooth, save them. Keep them moist by placing them in a small container with milk or your saliva.
  3. Control Bleeding: If there is bleeding, apply a piece of sterile gauze to the area. Apply gentle pressure for about 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops.
  4. Reduce Swelling and Manage Pain: Apply a cold compress to the outside of your cheek to help reduce swelling and relieve pain. You can also take over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen as needed.
  5. Cover Sharp Edges: If the broken tooth has sharp edges, cover them with a piece of sugar-free gum or dental wax to protect your tongue and cheeks from cuts.
  6. Avoid Certain Foods and Beverages: Until you can get to the dentist, avoid eating hard, sticky, or chewy foods. Also, avoid extremely hot or cold beverages to reduce sensitivity.
  7. See Your Dentist Promptly: Contact your dentist immediately to explain the situation and arrange for an urgent appointment. Quick professional treatment is crucial to repair the tooth effectively and prevent further complications.

These steps will help manage the situation temporarily, but professional dental treatment is necessary to properly address a broken or chipped tooth.

Knocked-out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth constitutes a critical dental emergency that demands prompt attention. If you’ve dislodged a tooth, try to gently place it back in the socket without touching the root, or keep it moist by placing it in milk or saliva if reinsertion isn’t possible. See a dentist immediately; prompt treatment significantly enhances the likelihood of saving the tooth. In children, when teeth are promptly secured in their socket, they have a chance of healing without need for further treatment.

Lost Crown or Filling

When a dental filling or crown is lost, it can indeed be a dental emergency due to the exposure of the tooth, which can lead to pain or further damage. Here are steps a patient should take to manage this situation:

  1. Remove the Crown or Filling: If the crown or filling has come out, remove it from your mouth to avoid swallowing or choking on it.
  2. Keep it Safe: If you’ve managed to retrieve the crown, keep it in a safe place as it might be possible to reattach it.
  3. Temporary Protection: Cover the exposed tooth with dental cement, which can be purchased at a pharmacy. This is a temporary measure to protect the tooth and reduce sensitivity. Avoid using household glues or adhesives.
  4. Pain Management: If the tooth is sensitive, avoid extreme temperatures in foods and drinks. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help manage discomfort.
  5. Contact Your Dentist: Schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Explain the situation and ask if there are any additional steps you should take while waiting for your appointment.
  6. Avoid Certain Foods: Until you can see the dentist, avoid chewing hard, sticky, or chewy foods on the side of the lost filling or crown to prevent further damage.

Prompt attention from a dentist is crucial to properly restore the tooth and prevent further issues.

Gum Infection

Severe gum infection, such as periodontitis or acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG), represents a critical dental emergency. Symptoms of these conditions include swollen, red, and bleeding gums, accompanied by severe pain. ANUG is particularly aggressive and can lead to rapid gum damage if not treated promptly. If you suspect you have periodontitis or ANUG, immediate dental treatment is crucial to prevent tooth loss and mitigate other health complications. Early intervention is key to managing the infection effectively and preserving your oral health.

Emergency Dental Services in Glendale, AZ

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When you are in need of immediate dental care, there’s no time to waste. Whether it’s a sudden toothache, a chipped tooth, or a lost filling, a dental emergency can be a stressful and painful experience. It is crucial to find a dentist with expertise in managing dental emergencies.

At Smile Science Dental SPa, we offer emergency dental care services including everything from emergency tooth extraction to emergency root canal procedures. We understand that when it comes to dental emergencies, time is of the essence.

We believe that no one should have to suffer through a dental emergency alone. Our team is trained to handle all types of dental emergencies and we strive to provide immediate relief to our patients. We offer a comfortable and stress-free environment, where you can get the treatment you need without worrying about anything else.

Our Glendale, AZ office is equipped with the latest dental technology to ensure that we provide the best possible care to our patients. We also understand that dental emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we offer after-hours dentist services. So, whether it’s a weekend or a late-night dental emergency, you can count on us to be there for you.

At Smile Science Dental Spa, we don’t just treat your dental emergency, we also offer comprehensive dental care to ensure that you maintain good oral health. We believe that prevention is better than cure, and we work with our patients to help them understand the importance of regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene.

In any of these situations, you should contact a dentist near you immediately. If you are looking for a dentist in or around Glendale, AZ, our team of experienced dentists, Richard Dawson, DMD and John Turke, DMD, are equipped to handle any dental emergency in Glendale, AZ. Remember, when it comes to dental emergencies, time is of the essence. Don’t hesitate to call us at (480) 530-3663 or book an emergency dental appointment online now. We’re here to help you maintain your smile and your dental health.

Expertise of Dr. Richard Dawson and Dr. John Turke

Dr. Richard Dawson - Smile Science Dental Spa, Glendale, AZ
Dr Richard Dawson
Dr. John Turke - Smile Science Dental Spa, Glendale, AZ
Dr John Turke

When it comes to handling a dental emergency in Glendale, AZ, the expertise of Dr. Richard Dawson and Dr. John Turke is unmatched. Both general dentists, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Smile Science Dental Spa, providing immediate emergency dental care to those in need.

As the author of this article and many others, I’m not only dedicated to practicing dentistry but also to sharing my knowledge through informative articles like this one. My goal is to educate our community about the importance of dental health and the steps you can take to maintain it. I see myself not just a dentist; but your partner in maintaining your oral health.

My partner, Dr. John Turke, DMD, has a talent for making patients feel at ease even in the most stressful situations. His calm midwestern demeanor and expert skills make him a go-to dentist for emergency dental treatment in Glendale, AZ. He’s known for his gentle approach and his ability to provide pain-free treatments, even in emergency situations.

Together, Dr. Turke and I have built a full-service, comprehensive dental office that Glendale residents trust. Our combined expertise allows us to handle a wide range of dental emergencies, from toothaches and broken teeth to more complex cases that require immediate attention.

Patient Testimonials

As we delve into the experiences of our patients who have sought dental emergency services in Glendale, AZ, it’s important to remember that each person’s experience is unique. However, the common thread among all our testimonials is the high level of satisfaction with the immediate and professional care provided by our team at Smile Science Dental Spa.

One of our patients, Delano shares:

Let me first start by saying, that I’m not one to leave reviews. I’m the type of person that if the service is bad I just don’t go back and if it’s good I continue my business. However after 2 trips to Smile Science, I find myself in a state of enthusiasm, I can’t stay quit!

From the moment you arrive at the location, you are first greeted with a pleasant aroma and wonderful taste in music. Then right after your ears and nose are magically blessed, then comes the to simply put but amazing receptionist.
They not only greet you with the most heart warming smile but they actually converse with you and make you feel like part of the team. And might I add that I’m not from AZ I’m a southern Man from Louisiana and I know! Hospitality. From the day that I’ve arrived here I didn’t believe that AZ had such kind hearted and professional people.

And last but certainly not least, Dr Turk and his amazing dental assistants are the Icing on the cake. Not only are they kind but also thorough. Not one time did I had to say could you take a little bit more off or add more on. They both put in 💯 care and diligence into the work.

To sum it all up, whoever doesn’t believe this place deserves all the praise and 5 stars ⭐️, definitely needs more than their teeth checked.


Another patient, Gonzalez wrote the following on Google:

I was a walk in patient. I’ve had this problem with my teeth. Over the holidays it became painful & I needed to get something done. From the moment I walked in I was warmly greeted & told I could be seen this morning. Anthony who happened to be working the front desk was friendly & understood my pain, he got me quickly registered. Dr. Dawson was equally as friendly and assured me that he could take care of the issue that i had come into the office for today. He & I had a discussion about my general dental needs & I felt his knowledge & understanding of my situation & dentistry in general. I was very happy about my outcome, the cost & its less than a week for my follow up appointment. At this time we agreed to do a more comprehensive examination & assessment of my overall dental needs. I’m very grateful for SMILE Science making themselves available to me & know this is a great place for you as well. Thank you, to the staff that helped make my stressful visit go so smoothly. I give this office a 5 star rating. I believe I’ve found a dentistry I can call my own!


These testimonials are just a glimpse of the many patients who have trusted us with their dental emergencies in Glendale, AZ. At Smile Science Dental Spa, we understand that dental pain can be unbearable and can strike at any time. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Dawson and Dr. Turke, is committed to providing prompt and effective treatment to relieve your discomfort and restore your oral health.

Contacting Smile Science Dental Spa in Glendale, AZ

Smile Science Dental Spa Team

If you’re in Glendale, AZ, and you’re experiencing a dental emergency, Smile Science Dental Spa is here to help. We understand that dental emergencies can be stressful and painful, and our team of skilled dentists, led by Dr. Richard Dawson and Dr. John Turke, are committed to providing immediate dental care to alleviate your discomfort and address your dental needs.

Whether it’s a broken tooth, a need for emergency tooth extraction, or a weekend dental emergency, our full-service dental clinic is equipped to handle all types of dental emergencies. We offer emergency root canal procedures, dental pain relief treatments, and other emergency dental services to ensure that our patients receive the care they need when they need it.

Our clinic is conveniently located in Glendale, AZ, making us a top choice for emergency dental treatment in the local area. We strive to provide high-quality, comprehensive dental care in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our team is trained to handle dental emergencies with utmost care and precision, ensuring that your visit is as stress-free and painless as possible.

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Richard Dawson, DMD General Dentist
Dr. Richard Dawson, DMD, is a prominent dentist in Glendale, AZ, focused on cosmetic, implant, and emergency dentistry. A graduate of Midwestern University, he co-founded Smile Science Dental Spa with Dr. John Turke in February 2023. Passionate about helping patients achieve beautiful and healthy smiles, Dr. Dawson brings a blend of expertise and compassion to his practice. He regularly shares insights and tips on dental health on his blog, providing valuable information for both new and existing patients alike.


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