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Experiencing a Dental Emergency? We're Here for You, Right Now!

Our experienced dentists are well-versed in root canal treatments, and are prepared for all types of dental emergencies.

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About Us

Meet Dr. Dawson and Dr. Turke, two seasoned dentists on a mission to free patients from dental pain and restore their smiles. Having honed their skills in dental clinics across Phoenix for several years, they are adept at tackling the full spectrum of dental emergencies.

Dr. Dawson and Dr. Turke are skilled dentists with a deep understanding of root canal therapy and dental pain management. They also excel in the delicate procedures of tooth extractions, dental implants, and bone grafts. 

Their combined surgical precision and commitment to quality have helped countless patients regain their dental health and confidence.Their dedication to patient comfort is matched only by their technical proficiency in complex treatments.

Together, Drs. Dawson and Turke bring a comprehensive approach to dentistry, one that prioritizes your needs, respects your decisions, and never pushes you towards an option you’re not comfortable with. Trust in their experience, expertise, and empathetic care.

Dr. Dawson - Dentist - Glendale, AZ
Dr. Dawson
Dr. John Turke - Dentist - Glendale, AZ
Dr. Turke

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Dental Care in a Single Visit

Our commitment is to provide you with comprehensive dental care when you need it the most. We offer same-day appointments to address urgent needs, including root canal treatments, tooth extractions, and crowns.

Your All-in-One Dental Solution

Our team has deep expertise in handling all types of dental emergencies and treatments. From root canals to crowns, extractions, and dental implants - we've got you covered. This comprehensive approach means you won't have to travel to different specialists; we can take care of all your needs right here.

Affordable Dental Care and Flexible Financing

We believe that comprehensive dental health is a necessity, not a luxury. We offer an array of financing options tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

Complete Root Canal Care and Beyond

Navigating a root canal procedure can seem daunting, but not when you're under our care. At Smile Science Dental Spa, our expert dentists ensure you receive the complete care you deserve. From accurate diagnosis to efficient treatment and the necessary follow-up procedures like crown placement, we manage the entire process under one roof.<

Our Root Canal Services

We provide all of the services you need

Root Canal Upper Molar - Glendale, AZ - Smile Science

Root Canal Treatments

Our team at Smile Science Dental Spa in Glendale, AZ, is proficient in root canal procedures. This treatment can often be the best course of action for persistent tooth pain, dental infections, or abscesses. Despite common misconceptions, a root canal can not only save your tooth but also provide swift relief from pain.

Seating a porcelain crown on a central incisor

Crown Placement

If a root canal is performed, the tooth is often restored using a crown. Our dentists have extensive experience in crown placement, ensuring the perfect fit and look for your restored tooth.

Tooth extraction with dental forceps.

Wisdom Teeth & Tooth Extractions

In cases where a tooth is not saveable, Smile Science Dental Spa ensures a safe, minimally invasive extraction procedure.

An implant crown being seated onto a dental implant abutment on a front central incisor.

Dental Implants & Bone Grafts

Should you lose a tooth, dental implants from Smile Science Dental Spa provide a long-lasting, natural-looking solution. In cases where additional support is needed, we also perform bone grafts to enhance the success of the implant.

Patient Testimonials

Your Comfort, Our Priority

Don’t let tooth pain hold you back. At Smile Science Dental Spa, we offer comprehensive dental care, from root canal treatments to crowns, extractions, and implants. Experience our patient-focused care that is not only effective but also provides comfort and peace of mind. Let us help you reclaim your best life, pain-free and with a radiant smile.

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