Full Day Workshop # 7

The Art and Science of the Sales Process II

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This Second Full Day of the Sales Process = Confidence & Higher Levels of Success

You will already be waiting for this session. After the energy, excitement and new information we established in the first Art & Science of the Sales Process workshop, we will continue where we left off.

Moving to a more advanced level the 6 steps of the sales process will begin to become apart of your daily language skills. At home, work and socially you will already be a more effective listener and communicator. People will be reacting to you differently than ever before. You will be receiving a higher level of acceptance You will see a big change in your level of confidence ability to advance the communication process to achieve the results you want. You will be enjoying your new knowledge and skills.

"If you have a good product or service and you know someones personal or professional life will be better off with it; you then have the responsibility to help them see the value in what you have." -- R. Goulding

This can only be accomplished by using advanced communication skills. This workshop will help you reach another new level of expressing your needs, values and concerns to your family, friends, colleagues and customers for the rest of your life.

You may need these skills someday to save someones life. Dont under estimate your ability to be an effective and a valuable negotiator, sales person, parent, friend and dental professional. If you have not attended other workshops in the "Art & Science of the Sales Process" workshop series you will want to attend this one. We look forward to seeing you for the first time or again.

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