Full Day Workshop # 6

How to Offer a Successful Seminar or Workshop
The Grass Catcher Workshop

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Morning Seminar Summary:

How to Offer a Successful Seminar or Workshop - Guaranteed Success by Taking Failure Out of the Equation!

Critical information for planning, preparing & budgeting for any event will be provided

Types and styles of Invitations - the importance plus the hows and whys to do them effectively

All the details of the event you must know well in advance

How to welcome and thank your audience

Proper introduction of your guest speaker

How to do proper follow-through to ensure new business is realized to its full potential

Now Available: Successful Event Planner CD is now available for $99.00 (plus $7.50 shipping and handling). Included are sample invitations, survey letter, MS Excel data file to calculate costs & revenues, complete documentation and information to ensure a successful event. Plus much more! With the purchase of this CD we offer 90 minutes free coaching, to help you through the planning stages of your first seminar. Ask for details.

Afternoon Seminar Summary:

The Grass Catcher Workshop (Designed by Participants)

The participants of the previous workshops which cover business planning & marketing will design the topics to be covered in this afternoon workshop. By now we will have covered a great deal of information. There will be plenty of topics and ideas to fill the imagination and this session. We may have a guest speaker lead this program. I will be looking for your ideas and thoughts. For more information regarding the specifics of this afternoon program contact me several weeks before the session. I can assure you this will be a unique and valuable program.

Contact us today to book this workshop!