Full Day Workshop # 5

Marketing - Mystery or Magic!

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Seminar Summary:

What is marketing? My definition of marketing is:

The process of developing and sustaining relationships with individuals or companies for the purpose of creating mutually satisfying results in line with the common goals or objectives.

Marketing Strategies, Budgets and Tracking Results will be the focus of this program.

Identifying and selecting from the marketing and advertising alternatives in the dental industry. You will learn how to develop and apply the principles of the Positioning workshop.

How to develop your initial marketing plan, budgets and timelines.

This is a must for anyone responsible for planning, budgeting and tracking the success of these efforts whether for you business or career. If your not marketing effectively your not going to grow!

Free Publicity - Strategies for Free Publicity

Getting YOUR word out with Free Publicity

Understanding how to use the media to your advantage

How to use press releases & new product releases

What is in a Media Kit and how to use one effectively

How to get published. How to position yourself as an expert so doctors call and ask you to do their work and pay top dollar or better

Free Publicity Program is a must for the independent contract technician and lab owner

"Your Target Market" - Proper Strategic Planning = Great Results!

To identify your target market, geographically, by customers needs, wants and desires

How to prioritize prospective clients to maximize your results

How to identify your positive and negative network, stakeholders, industry events & activities that can accelerate your success or cost you years of frustration and thousands of dollars

We will develop quarterly timelines of activities to ensure optimum use of you resources. This workshop will give you the tools to set realistic goals and track your personal or sales staff effectiveness. This session is a must for any lab regardless of the size of your business. It is great for technicians who want to do contract work

Your Target Market session is excellent information for specially labs who only want to attract top quality doctors that will pay for your expertise.

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