Full Day Workshop # 3

How to Increase Your Production, Profit & Present Your Strengths to Your Client's and Potential Clients

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Morning Seminar Summary:

Production Analysis - Increasing Profits & Systems

A proven system for success and increasing profits.

We will analyze your total business flow from reception, , production, deliveries through and including end user satisfaction (EUS) of your products and service.

We will identify your strengths, weaknesses and develop a plan to address those that can most affect your success & increase profits.

You will learn how to position your business for the highest level of customer and client appeal.

You have knowledge, strengths and power your clients need and want, this workshop will identify them and teach you how and when to express them. You will also leave with an instrument to evaluate your complete business and save thousands of dollars now potentially being lost through lack of knowledge and control.

You will learn why and how to say NO to sales people and manufacturers when they try to sell you another product or system. Manufacturers should have to prove to you how a product or system will make you money and add to your production efficiency and bottom-line. That is the primary reason you should buy, is it not? Many of you purchase products because you have been convinced it may be technically better. This is the wrong reason to purchase any product that cost over $50. Deciding for just that reason, is costing most of you thousands of dollars and a great deal of precious time. You will appreciate the valuable information from this important session.

Afternoon Seminar Summary:

Positioning - Winning the Battle in the Mind

Building on the morning session you will learn how to establish your personal & business identity.

I will explain Positioning and how important the knowledge and use of Positioning can effect your future success. You will learn the secrets behind all successful people and marketing strategies and businesses.

Time will be devoted to identifying your current Positional strengths and weaknesses.

How you can take advantage of your strengths and market them to ensure you positive, traceable, profitable results without exception.

Based on the best selling business book of the 1980s Positioning - Winning the Battle in the Mind by authors Ries & Trout. These advertising giants from New York City, created and share some of most success marketing success stories of the 20th century. We will discuss and you will recognize the success stories and learn why they work and how to apply these concepts to your personal business and career. This workshop is as important as the transmission in your car. It will turn your potential power into powerful direct action!

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