Full Day Workshop # 2

"Sales and Professional Communication Skills"

Understanding Personality Types

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Seminar Summary:

Understanding Personality Types is the single most important discipline you can learn of everything we teach.

Personality Type is the foundation to ensure your success of all the other disciplines. This tool will increase your effectiveness 100XS more than anything else you can learn in the fields of sales, marketing, finance or production. The tools you will learn through type analysis, you will use every time you communicate or are communicated with for the rest of your life.

Your future success hinges directly on your knowledge and ability to identify peoples preferred types and communicate with them accordingly.

This program lays the foundation for understanding all human motivational needs, wants desires, and stressors.

You will learn to speak with the tone, pace, inflection, gestures, and language most appealing to the other person. People want to communicate in a specific way. You will know how to identify that after this session.

Be the very best communicator, technician, manager, sales professional, parent, partner and friend you can possibly be.

We can not emphasize the importance and value of learning and practicing the science of personality types. By the end of the day you will able to apply these skills immediately. It is a scientifically based enjoyable interactive workshop offering the latest leading edge information. The rewards and benefits will be life changing.

If you have attended a Personality Type program in the past, attending today will greatly effect your ability and power to use the information effectively on a daily bases.


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