Full Day Workshop # 1

"Begin with the End in Mind" - Your Goals and Focus

Business, Marketing Assessment & Plan Development

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Morning Seminar Summary:

Assessing & Planning Your Career or Business  Goals

Understanding the Principles of A.P.I.E.

Assess, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate (A.P.I.E.) is the standard order of procedure to ensure success of any project. The Assessment phase is the most critical. Whether you are a technician, lab owner, doctor, engineer, scientist or simply considering your next career or business move, properly assessing and thoroughly diagnosing the situation is critical prior to developing a plan and taking action. The phases of Planning & Implementation directly relate to the amount and accuracy of the information you collect in the Assessment phase. This phase is the starting point and foundation for any important activity or process you will undertake. There will be breakout sessions to determine where you are in the A.P.I.E. process for all your most important situations, giving us time to address and Evaluate personal details privately.

Afternoon Seminar Summary:

A.P.I.E. - Focusing on Your Strategies, Budgets and Timelines

Developing Your Career / Business Plan (continued) - Breaking your goals down to bite size chunks and developing an effective action plan for the next 3, 6, and 9 months.

Your business plan should be a simple written summary of your career or business vision for the next 18 months to 3 years. It's an overview of the next stage of your business or career, will look at what products and services you will offer, how you will operate, and how much money it will generate and retain. For the business owner, this plan charts the future direction of the company. With a business plan the owner will be in better position to reach your ultimate goal of a profitable business.

Many business plan formats are available. The outline we will be using is simple and covers all the essential points. Remember that all business plans are unique. Therefore, we will only include the information that you believe to be pertinent to your business and career.

Benefits of a business plan: Focused and direct activities which result in predictable success and higher profits. Less frustration. Less time wasted. Better use of your time and a more enjoyable life. Increased ability to secure financing.

Employees, managers and other stakeholders will be able to see your vision and work with you to achieve it.  You will have a higher level of credibility and confidence. A written business plan is a must in todays confusing, distracting, fast paced world.

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