Meet the Smile Science team

“All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination, imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.”

Seminars and workshops

Smile Sciences offers workshops that fall into the following categories:

- Communication in the worksplace
- Business Plan Development
- The principles of commerce
- Production and profit increase
- 21 Centuary leadership skill sets
- Marketing strategies for today

To receive the maximum benefit of our services, please contact us about personalized workshops, seminarpeer and Peer coaching programs.

Together, we will design a personalized program designed to suit your special needs and budget. Monthly programs are available for both individual career development and businesses of all sizes.

Group peer coaching is offered as a half-day seminar / workshop for large or small groups. Two day retreats are an excellent way to learn. We do one-on-one programs, in person, over the internet, or over the phone.

Peer coaching can be in a formal setting or sharing time around a campfire. Together we can achieve the results and success you deserve faster and with more enjoyment of the journey. This is our objective and our pledge

For more information on our prepared seminars please make a selection:

NOTE: All workshops are 25% to 65% interactive with some breakout sessions to ensure maximum value and enjoyment for all participants. Participants will receive a working manual with each program.

Begin with the End in Mind: Full Day Workshop #1
Business Plan Development
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Sales & Professional Communication Skills: Full Day Workshop #2
Understanding Personality Types
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Increase Production & Profit: Full Day Workshop #3
Win the Battle in the Mind
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The Art and Science of the Sales Process: Full Day Workshop #4
Knowing your strengths and using them
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Marketing - Mystery or Magic?: Full Day Workshop #5
Turning potential into profit
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Offering a Successful Seminar: Full Day Workshop #6
The Grass Catcher Workshop
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The Art and Science of the Sales Process II: Full Day Workshop #7
Confidence & Higher Levels of Success
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