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"The greatest form of maturity is at harvest time. That is when we must learn how to reap without complaint if the amounts are small and how to to reap without apology if the amounts are big. "

The Road To Success

Forward by Reg Goulding: "In life and business my goals can be summed up in this: To love, to laugh, while striving always to be thankful, honest, and light-hearted. To set and stay focused on worthy goals. To always give energy and encouragement while living principle centered values through my walk. To study, practice, and share the value and importance of synergistic independent living. To learn from all situations and use the knowledge. To always try new, even frightening, things and appreciate the learning experience regardless of the outcome. To take time and to breath deeply, and focus on enjoying and appreciating the moment, no matter what. To live, to win and to give generously."

Throughout his 30 year career, Reg Goulding has worked in a variety of industries, including retail, corporate, profit, and non-profit organizations. He has held numerous high-level positions including district manager, commissions and sales manager, keynote speaker, executive consultant, promotions manager and a position as a technical representative.

For more than two decades, Reg has been a marketing, sales, and communication specialist and has co-owned and/or consulted for a variety of businesses and organizations.

His energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and qualifications have made him a popular and often sought after speaker, peer coach and presenter around the globe. Reg has published numerous articles on sales, marketing, and human resources.

Through extensive professional development, Reg continues to improve his marketing strategies and learn about new technologies and tools that will increase productivity for his clients. Throughout his career Reg has maintained a consistent and personal approach to client relations.  His approach to business is simple, yet effective. He believes successful marketing is built on two basic concepts — communication and flexibility. This approach has served him well in Fort Erie, earning him a Business of the Year award for Smile Science Inc. in 2004.


Vancouver Musician's Agent

Over the years, Reg's business experience has spanned a wide range of industries and professions, including a Vancouver musician's agent and club manager. During his time working in the music industry Reg worked with numerous established bands and artist including Randy Bachman, Heart, Garry Lewis and the Playboys, Diana Ross & the Supreme's, and Threshold which is featured below.

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Industrial Construction

In the late 1970's Reg change directions again to work in the industrial construction industry; writing specifications for architectural finished hardware and security systems for many of the private and government structures in western Canada. Some of these include the Calgary and Edmonton international airports, the maximum security holding center in downtown Edmonton TD Tower, and the Four Season Hotel and Fort McMurray mall and leisure plex. 

During this time Reg and his partner owned an architectural graphics company designing and manufacturing signs, pedestrian and vehicular sign systems for city parks, shopping malls, major hospitals and airports. Working with architects and graphic design specialists, they created one of the first exterior fibre-optic graphic displays that could be viewed and enjoyed for miles.
The Dental Industry and beyond

In 1983 Reg began his career in the dental industry soon to become an accomplished district manager recognized for achieving numerous sales awards before accepting the position as national sales manger. This move brought Reg and his young family back to Ontario.

While enjoying his career over the following 15 years with Ivoclar, one of the leading suppliers of dental products in the world, Reg started an investment group which created that financially backed IWP (International Wood Products). IWP held a contract for 8 years with John Deere Welland Works, manufacturing the shipping crates for the globally successful John Deere 4 & 6 wheel gator construction and landscaping workhorse.

Dental Career Services and Smile Science born

After leaving Ivoclar in 1998, Reg took on his most ambitions and successful endeavors to date, and founded both Dental Career Services and the Smile Science Leadership Institute, a division of DCS Smile Science Inc. Dental Career Services and the Smile Science Leadership Institute continue to lead the market in supplying career and business educational workshops and leadership strategies across North America.

While Smile Science is geared towards diverse types of businesses and markets, Dental Career Services deals directly with the dental industry and provides numerous services chiefly to dental technology industry professionals. Smile Science Inc. focuses on leadership, marketing, interpersonal communication, and sales skills and offers a wide range of workshops to businesses of all types and sizes both domestically and internationally.

Reg’s current leadership role at Smile Science is mentoring career and business minded professionals on how to fast track their way to personal and financial success.  Reg's desire is to complete the development of a international twenty-first century business model that ensures the mutual success of its customers, employees and owners – a model that balances financial responsibilities with lifestyles all can enjoy, while building to give back to those less fortunate in our global communities.

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