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Personality Spectrum's Online Assessments are a fun and easy way for your workshop participants to discover their Temperament.

Three Assessment versions are available:
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These interactive, temperament assessments, are each aimed at a specific audience. All are based on the True Colors model.

Personality Spectrum's series of online assessments, developed under license of True Colors Inc., are based on the True Colors® principles.True Colors is a participative and interactive self-assessment tool using the information from extensive research regarding the preferences of personality types. True Colors transforms the complex theory of personality into easy to understand lay language, which is delivered, discussed and shared in an “edutaining” and experiential manner and style.For additional background information on True Colors®, read on . . .If you were to read a history of psychology you may find the account beginning several thousand years ago when man first began questioning how human beings communicated and interacted. We tend to look for patterns and connections as a way of classifying what we know in order to understand, remember and communicate what we have learned.Think about it…

• Plant and animal kingdom
• Rocks and minerals
• Ford, Honda, Ferrari, Volvo, etc
• Shades of red, blue, yellow

The lists go on and on but when it comes to people it gets a little tougher than Canadian, American, British or Mexican. How do you classify people? Does logical, sincere, spontaneous or traditional work for you?Those who have studied people over the last two millennia established many systems for classification. A few are quite subjective or even illogical but some are of interest and worth a second look.There were several before him but Hippocrates, who lived around 400 BC, created a theory. He applied his observations of people and knowledge as a physician to describe four different personality types. Hippocrates theory was followed by numerous adaptations and new ideas until the 20th century when the work of Carl Jung, Katherine Briggs, Isabel Briggs-Myers, David Keirsey and Don Lowry led to the online assessment program you are using today.Don Lowry, the originator of True Colors®, used colors to represent the temperament of four different personalities. Colors have a neutral connotation, cannot be ranked and are easy to remember in associating the four personalities. The colors Blue, Orange, Green and Gold were chosen:

Blue: Think of a calm blue sea or a tranquil blue sky – peaceful and serene.
Orange: Think of a bubbling, active volcano – full of energy and excitement!
Green: Think of growth in the spring when nature has new vision.
Gold: Think of the precious metal or good as gold – rock stable!