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"Peer Coaching" by Reg Goulding

What Do You Mean? "Delegate everything but Genius."

After 20 years serving the industry of dental technology, I have arrived at the con­clusion that due to the fast-paced world of expensive high technology and global communication many laboratory owners arc losing control of their lives and busi­nesses. Their succession plan for a comfortable retirement is becoming a faded memory, replaced with day-to-day struggle for survival. Is this happening to you or someone you know? If so, how can you stop it?

"Delegate everything but genius," is the answer given by Mr. Dan Sullivan, CEO of Strategic Coach Inc. He is right! Determine what your best money-making activity is and do it! Stick with what you do best! Do what you enjoy doing and delegate the rest.

The term "genius" is no longer reserved to describe someone of the highest IQ. There is a part of us and area of "genius" within us all...

What is your area of genius? To identify your area of "genius" determine what you can do all day and walk away from with as much, or more energy, than when you started. You may even get energy just thinking about getting back to doing it.

Having identified your area of genius, consider hiring or "partnering" with key individuals whose "genius" and best money-making activities are different or even opposite to yours. For instance my area of genius is sales and marketing. I get en­ergy assisting individuals to package, market, and promote themselves and their products. If my area of "genius" is different from your area of "genius" then we could work together effectively and "partner" to benefit your business, career and personal life as well as mine. You get what you need to support your efforts plus have lots of energy and enthusiasm for enjoying your life.

Take your time when selecting your key people. Great things can happen with the right "partner" and you could be together a long time. Select the wrong one and , a short time could seem like an eternity! If these individuals arc excellent in their own area of "genius," share the wealth and a secure future can be enjoyed by all.

Imagine having the time to do your best, at what you do best, while still achiev­ing your personal and business goals! Same old thing getting you down? Approach life differently. Delegate Everything but Genius! Good Luck!

Reg Goulding is the President and founder of the Smile Science Leadership Institute, and has more than 20 years experience in the dental field. As well as having the #1 placement agency serving dental technology across North America, Reg spends his time doing workshops and specializes in coaching dental laboratory owners and dental technology professionals through 12 to 18 month con­tract agreements that help to crystallize business and lifestyle paths for future success.