Meet the Smile Science team

Reg Goulding - President of Smile Science Inc.

"The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it. "

Reg Goulding is president and founder of the Smile Science Leadership Institute, a division of DCS Smile Science Inc. His current leadership role at Smile Science is mentoring career and business minded professionals on how to fast track their way to personal and financial success.  Reg's desire is to complete the development of a international twenty-first century business model that ensures the mutual success of its customers, employees and owners – a model that balances financial responsibilities with lifestyles all can enjoy, while building to give back to those less fortunate in our communities both domestically and internationally.

Throughout his 30 year career, Reg has worked in a variety of industries, including retail, corporate, profit, and nonprofit organizations. He has held numerous high-level positions, including district manager, commission sales, promotion manager, and technical rep. He is a sought-after presenter and a published author of numerous articles on sales, marketing, and human resources.

Through extensive professional development, Reg continues to improve his marketing strategies while learning about new technologies and tools that will increase productivity for his clients. Reg maintains a consistent and personal approach to client relations. Although he realizes the need to keep up with technological advances, he prefers to conduct business face-to-face, on a more personal level.

For more information about Reg Goudling, see his online biography The Road to Success.

Miles Andrey - Sales Consultant

Miles Andrey

"Just smiling can do wonders for your success. "

Miles Andrey spearheads the sales force for Smile Science Leadership Institute Inc. His experience in public speaking and extensive sales training creates an easy to understand environment for his associates when teaching ‘The Principles of Commerce’ and ‘How to Increase your Commercial Value.’

Miles’ professional career began at the early age of 15 when he accepted a position with The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency working at the Peace Bridge, one of the busiest US/Canadian boarders in North America. Being a skilled entertainer and self-motivated entrepreneur, Miles eventually went into business for himself performing magic shows internationally for audiences of all ages and sizes. Not long after, Miles launched a music school specializing in the teaching and instruction of the guitar and drum disciplines. His musical career also includes touring internationally with orchestras, rock bands, and inspirational groups. Working for Tommy Hilfiger in Niagara Falls was a rewarding retail experience for Miles allowing him to capitalize on his outgoing, communicative personality. More recently, Miles has enjoyed a career with McDonco Precision Machine Shop Ltd. a Metal Machining company specializing in using Cad Cam technology to manufacture jet airplane parts for Boeing, one of the largest industry leaders in aerospace.

Honored and humbled, Miles recently accepted an invitation to be a member of Rotary International. Honesty, service above self, and consistent reliability are some of the contagious traits Miles executes in everything he thinks, says, and does.

Hugo Silva - International Consultant

Hugo Silva’s varied educational and professional background gives him a unique set of skills that are a huge asset in his role as International Consultant for DCS Smile Science. Hugo holds a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry, with additional qualifications as a university education specialist and criminal investigations specialist, with training in international human rights law.

Hugo is bilingual, in English and Spanish, and a strong conceptual thinker who is able to translate ideas and information into practical plans. His strong communication and interpersonal skills include proven presentation and facilitation skills, which he has used in presenting to audiences in a number of universities and colleges in Columbia. He is also a published author, whose findings have been published in numerous academic journals.

Hugo is also a member of the Fort Erie Rotary Club and handles world service for that group.