About Smile Science Leadership Institute

Who we are:

The Smile Science Leadership Institute is located in Fort Erie, Ontario and provides numerous leadership services to businesses and industry professionals world wide. We offer a broad range of workshops on leadership, marketing, interpersonal communication, and sales skills development.

Smile Science Leadership Institute specializes in controlled and gradual business development and sustainable profit growth. Locally, we assist in creating career opportunities and profitable business ventures by attracting both domestic and international interests to the Niagara Region.

Here in Fort Erie, Smile Science is also dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, business owners and career minded professionals through free weekly interactive workshops. Like minded individuals share their experiences and understanding of the ever changing principles of commerce and how to increase one's commercial effectiveness and value to ensure profitable results. Our free workshops focus on work skill sets development and many other career development initiatives. If you are located in the Niagara Region and are interested in our free workshops or would like more information, please contact us online.

Smile Science Leadership Institute helps to conduct individual feasibility assessments and develop and facilitate the strategic marketing necessary to support income earning results through our customer services and call center.

Our mission is simply this: To make your dreams a reality, from concept to completion.

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Services we offer:

Smile Science offers through affiliated professionals:

Marketing and Planning Strategies

Public Relations

Continuing Education Programs

Systems Analysis and Management

Team Building Strategies and Seminars

Communications Strategies and Seminars

Practice Management

Patient Acceptance

For more information please contact us online or call 905-991-0686